Do I need social media pages for my store? How to build them from 0?

Hey everyone!

I’m running a POD store where I sell personalized canvas prints. I started running ads on FB about 2 months ago and as to this moment the store is still below the breakeven point, mainly because of the low CVR, which is only \~ 0.6%.

I didn’t build any social media pages for this store because the plan was to mainly focus on paid ads. Is it possible that the lack of social media presence is what keeps the CVR so low? Do customers who come from paid ads really care that much about my business’ Instagram/Pinterest/Tiktok presence? I noticed that all my competitors have at least one of those pages active so I’m starting to wonder how big of a role that plays.

And then how should I go about building that presence from scratch? I’ve never used TikTok so I don’t know what’s trending there and I don’t know all the hacks and techniques to grow an instagram page from 0. Should I just find someone on upwork to grow these pages for me?

I appreciate any non-ChatGPT input haha, thank you!

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