Does website title/name of the brand affect SEO ranking for a news website?

So I am planning on making an anime news website. And the name of the website (let’s say xyzsociety) is based on a location named xyz in my country.

I’m not from a western country, but I plan on trying to drive traffic from the western nations. As such, it’s likely half of my traffic won’t even have heard the name of the location xyz. Do you think seeing the name xyz affect their psychology?

I say this (ask this) because news blogs do not depend upon a static content primarily. But instead it’s the circling contents, posts, news and headlines that drives traffic (in my understanding). As such I feel the name containing xyz should matter less, less than the quality of the content.

Besides, imagine, I mean what the heck is even that. But everyone knows it now.

But my friend has to say that including xyz may affect people’s psychology and then in turn may affect the seo. This feels more like a psychological/philosophical/artistic question than a technical one. But from your experience, how much will the use of a location/state/place in a certain non western country affect my site’s potential seo growth?

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