Domain server not connecting outside of LAN

Me and my friend are pretty new to complex networking and are trying to set up an apache guacamole remote desktop with a physical server that is using Ubuntu Jammy Linux, downloading apache from Cloudron. This worked really well with buying a Linode server as a test but it was really slow due to the limitations of buying a cheap server. My friend got this working to the point where he can connect to the domain and attempt to run the remote desktop (it errors) but if I try to connect the DOMAIN it times out. To me, this sounds like a port issue so we tried forwarding port 80 and port 443 and allowing the port in the server but to no avail so we are completely lost on what to do. Please keep in mind that this completely worked on a Linode server, and we installed the software the exact same way on both servers using Cloudron, the only difference being the domain name (paid domain instead of free). Also, my friend is able to connect inside his own LAN (he’s the one with the server) but it just times out whenever I try. I believe that if I learned the requirements of self-hosting a domain at the very least we would be able to connect outside of his LAN.

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