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I’ll try and keep it brief. I’m starting a small business based in Europe.

1. I need to register my domain.

2. Decide between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 for my company email (2 accounts).

3. My website is being built on WordPress (simple website showing off real estate portfolio think of it as a business card) I need a nice, high quality place to host it.

I want to keep each separate – domain, email and web hosting, but most web hosting providers want to sell you the whole cow.

More importantly, I want to register my domain so I can finally set up my emails. What is the best, most forward thinking way to approach this? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been searching for days. I prefer upfront pricing, none of this first year bait and switch.

Budget is €100-€300 a year for hosting. Domain and email are pretty straightforward in terms of price, I just need someone’s experienced guidance.

Thank you guys!

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