Dynamic Creatives: A Guide to Successful Ad Testing

Best Practice #1: Never test with Post IDs

Always begin testing with dynamic creatives. Utilizing individual post IDs and comparing them to each other can lead to competition within the data set, diminishing the potential results. Instead, focus on implementing a dynamic creative approach, where each iteration is mutually beneficial.

Best Practice #2: Always use the 3:2:2 Method

This approach includes three different creatives, two sets of copy, and two headlines, all with the same underlying concept, in order to achieve a specific business objective. By reducing the number of iterations, this method allows for more actionable data for Facebook to utilize and provides greater insight into what elements are most effective.

Best Practice #3: Strategically Scale Efficiency or Reach

When using dynamic creatives with the 3:2:2 method, comparing the results against high-performing ads and a control ad set, targeting only broad audience. The goal of this testing is to either enhance the performance of existing ads, or to expand the reach of the ads by increasing the audience. It is important to note that any other testing objectives would be considered a waste of resources and can be detrimental to the success of the campaign.

Mistake #1: Using low-quality images and videos

Low-quality visual materials can be detrimental to the impact of your campaign. Remember, this is the first interaction that potential customers have with your brand, so it is vital to invest in high-quality visual elements to make a strong 1st impression.

Mistake #2: Over-Iterating on the Same Ad Concept

Creating multiple ads that are aimed at a single customer segment may seem like a good strategy, but it can lead to ad fatigue, which can decrease the performance of the ads. Instead of repeating the same problem, it is more valuable to identify and solve new issues.

Mistake #3: Exclusively using Direct Response Sales Copy

Focusing too much on hard selling the product in ad copy can be detrimental to the campaign’s success.

Mistake #4: Lack of Clarity

Being too ambiguous about the product or service being offered can be a major mistake. If potential customers don’t know what they are being sold, they will not be interested in making a purchase.

Mistake #5: Buying the Wrong Attention

Having your content target the appropriate audience is a crucial aspect of creating an effective ad campaign.

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