Efficiency in DTC Businesses: How a Hero Product Can Maximize Your ROI

Hero Product

The single most important thing when trying to spend money on growth and acquisition is to figure out the absolute most valuable investment to make with your money.

In direct-to-consumer businesses, this looks like a hero product.

What best offers meets my financial, inventory, operational, and business goals and capabilities?

Far too often, brands will try to sell a handful of products that create a variety of customer journeys at various PSMs.

It is not uncommon for every one of these offers to be profitable.

However, the level of profitability is rarely ever the same.

We have to ask ourselves whether it is actually worth investing money in multiple places if one of them gives us the best return.

Do you legitimately think that you have exploited so much market opportunity for the best return on the investment you could make that you need to begin to invest someplace else?

Have you sold so much of your best product concerning business operations that you need to start investing in the second-best offer?

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