Email deliverability comparison between hosting companies?

I was considering moving a client’s website from bluehost shared hosting to siteground since they’ve had a consistent problem with email deliverability, affecting their business (amongst the other obvious issues that come along with cheap hosting).

My question is: Is there likely to be an improvement in email deliverability if I move his websites and domains over to SG and configure the client’s email forwarders there?

I did look at dedicated email hosting, but since he needs only four accounts/forwarders max over two different domains, a lot of the pricing of places like google and microsoft seems a bit overkill.

Another important thing is he also wants to send and receive email straight from his gmail account which also seemed like it would be problematic when researching dedicated email hosts e.g. Zoho mail.

Would love to hear from anyone who found a solution to a similar situation. All advice is greatly appreciated!

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