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Error 404 is one of the most common website errors on the Internet, which may affect the ranking of websites in Google results.

Because it makes the experience of visitors and users bad and ineffective, and it makes it difficult for crawlers or search engines to search.

But fortunately, the 404 error is one of the easiest errors that can be treated and dealt with, and this is what we will discuss later.

In this article, we give you everything you need to know about 404 errors, how they negatively affect your site, and how you can deal with them as a site owner and user.

What is the error 404?

What is error 404?

In short, the 404 error means that the page that the visitor is requesting access to could not be found by the server, and this may happen for a number of reasons that we will not talk about.

In detail, 404 is one of a group of codes related to the HTTP super transport protocol, which governs communication and transfers data on the Internet between devices and servers.

على سبيل إلى إلى على سبيل إلى إلى إلى Sir: who will display the page to you.

But it’s not that simple in all cases, but sometimes your request returns with a special HTTP code or HTTP Status Codes, such as code 404, which means that the page cannot be found.

Here is the meaning of the most common error codes in the web world.

  • Codes 100 to 199 تكن إنترامية Informational and means that your request will be processed.
  • Codes 200 to 299 تكن اكواد نجاه Success, وتعني أن تلابك تم تم صبراه ومتعرفة successfully.
  • Codes 300 to 399 Redirection code means that your request was not processed because the information you requested was transferred.
  • Codes 400 to 499 -والتی منها 404- کواد کود کیلین و الزایرین Client-side error, meaning that the request is not correct or incomplete or not specified.
  • Codes 500 to 599 تككان السيرفر Server-side error, وتعني أن صلى الله عليه وسلف في ثلاثة.

And before we move on to those reasons, let’s go deeper into understanding how to enter and browse the Internet.

  1. The visitor clicks on the link of the page on the site or enters it manually.
  2. يرسل المترفر تلابً إلى السرفر للولوج إلى تلك تلكة على السرفر للولوج إلى تلكة تلكة على به دومين بها.
  3. does DNS: Convert the domain name to the IP address, and then the request will be converted to the IP address.
  4. The server receives this request and responds to it.

And so, if you can’t find the page, it returns the code 404, which means that the page doesn’t exist.

Reasons for error 404

Why does error 404 appear?

A 404 error may appear for many of the most important reasons.

1. The page was written Moved Page:: This code may appear if you have moved the page and it has not been updated without updating the links you are referring to, or you have not redirected the redirection to the new link.

2. You have deleted the page Deleted Page:: If you delete this page, the links pointing to it will return a 404 error.

3. The user entered the link incorrectly. If the user manually entered the link incorrectly, then the 404 error message will appear.

4. There is a problem domain:: If there was a problem in the domain… like if you moved your domain and didn’t use 301 redirects, the second code 404 will appear for your users on any page that belongs to your old domain.

5. Problem with the server. Sometimes there may be a problem with the server that leads to the appearance of such an error… such as when the connection is lost or the server crashes for some reason.

6. What is the problem? DNS:: It may be caused by error 404, the inability of the domain name system to convert the domain name to IP, and this problem usually occurs in old domains.

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How do 404 errors affect your site negatively?

How does a 404 error affect your site negatively?

لا يخلو صوت من 404 errors, وحي في في يست معذية تعريف كوت, تبابً في حافظ كانت سبورها ها لمتر.

But if there were too many things, it might cause a lot of damage to your site and your user experience, and it might make Google angry.

First of all, it is bad for the user experience, as the visitor may be annoyed by its existence, and lose confidence in your site, that is, you may lose it forever.

And secondly, these errors affect your crawling budget, which may cause some of the important pages on your site to be missed.

If you understand the importance of this, you will understand the extent of the serious losses that will befall you, and if you don’t, then you should read Course على فرود للمتحديق من فيلمة around this topic and many other topics.

How to detect 404 errors

How to detect error 404

There are several simple and easy ways to detect 404 pages, and all you have to do is choose between them.

The first way to use Google Search Console. The simplest and easiest way to use Google Search Console to find 404 errors.

The second method of using comprehensive software tools. you can also find those pages through tools Comprehensive example: SEMRush:.

The third method of using tools to find broken links. you can also use dedicated tools for this, such as: Dead Link Checker: and: Screaming Frog and others.

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404 error

404 errors

In short, you need to find the problem to fix it, because as we mentioned earlier, there are many reasons for error 404, and therefore there will be many solutions for each problem.

And the most important and famous ways to deal with those pages.

1. redirection Redirection

If you have changed the link of the page or moved it, you can redirect the old link to the new link, so that you do not lose traffic coming to it.

Or if you remove this page completely, you can redirect your visitors to a page containing similar content related to the same topic.

But make sure that there is a link between the two pages, so as not to cause visitors to leave your site and increase the bounce rate, thus affecting your site’s ranking in search engines negatively.

2. Restore the page again

If you accidentally deleted the page, you can restore it or replace it and update its content with what serves your goals.

Or you can provide content similar to it as long as there is traffic and demand for it, because it will be very useful for you.

3. Update links to the page

If you have several internal links Internal links point to that page, you can modify them to point to the correct URL.

Or it’s better if there are a lot of external links to the old page, then do a redirection like we talked about.

4. حل اوردبريس

Sometimes you get 404 pages because of something wrong in WordPress إضافات ووردبريس Plugins: تم إلى هديسً و إلى كود في ملف htaccess.

In this case, you will need to disable recent additions and modify the file and return it to the original programming language.

5. Design a 404 page unique to your site

Page 404 of ebay

This is not a way to deal with 404 errors, but it is a good way to reduce the consequences and limit the problems, where you can turn this situation into a positive marketing message.

If you use some humor and humor, it won’t hurt your user experience, and he won’t lose confidence in you.

You can also add a discussion box to your site and link the main pages of your site as the main page in order to avoid the damage of the site.

page 404

If you are interested in this matter and want to know more about it, you can let us know in the comments and we will customize a full article about it.

How to deal with error 404 as a user

How to deal with error 404 as a user

Most users face these errors, and they don’t know how to deal with them problems related to the user وليست بالموقع.

Visitors can overcome it in most cases.

1. Check the title URL. The most common mistakes that users make and cause a 404 error to appear are wrongly typing the website title.

2. Refresh the page. 404 errors may also be the result of a temporary error on the web page, so be sure to refresh the page more than once to make sure it’s not a temporary problem.

3. Clear your browser cache. This may help you open the web page you are trying to access.

4. Try searching from another device. Another way to get to the site you want is to search for it on a different device than the one that gave you the 404 error page.

And if the page works well on the other device, it’s likely that you have a problem cache cache:and you will have to wipe it and try again and the page will appear in a large proportion.

5. Try to find the page from the discussion box on the site. If you are looking for a specific product or article on a website and you encounter this error, go to the search box and try to find the page yourself using the appropriate keywords.

6. Connect with the site. The last means available to you after failing all that we mentioned is to contact the website that contained the page you want, and find out if it still exists or if there is any page similar to it.

Frequently asked questions about the 404 error page

1. What are 404 errors?

404 errors are the ones that appear when the browser tries to access a page that does not exist on the server, and it is one of the most common website errors on the Internet.

This error occurs for several reasons, and in general, it may cause big problems for website owners, because it harms the user experience on the one hand, and has a negative effect on the website’s content on the other hand.

And in this article we have discussed all the aspects related to the 404 line that may interest you, and if you want to learn about them, review the article.

2. Are there any 404 errors?

Usually not, but if you have a lot of 404 errors, they will undoubtedly affect the performance of your site and cause serious damage.

On the one hand, it is very bad for the user experience and makes you lose confidence in your site, and on the other hand, it affects the performance of your site and its ranking in search engine results.

Therefore, the lower the number of these errors, the more it will have a good effect on the performance of your site.

3. What are the reasons for the 404 error?

error 404 occurs for several reasons, including:

  • تم ديلة فاجرة محتواها عندلً.
  • Move the page to the new link without updating the internal or external links that point to it, or if there is no redirection to the new link.
  • Move the site’s domain to the new domain without redirecting to it.
  • inability of the server to respond to the request of the browser.
  • The inability of the domain name system (DNS) to convert the domain name to IP.
  • Writing the user to link the page incorrectly.

4. How to detect 404 errors?

You can detect error 404 through.

  • Alـ Google Search Console.
  • Comprehensive tools for Ahrefs and SEMRush.
  • Tools for finding broken links such as Dead Link Checker, Screaming Frog and others.

5. How can I handle 404 errors?

There are many ways to handle the 404 error, which are the most important and most popular.

  • Redirection to the lost page.
  • restore the lost page again.
  • update the links directed to the page to prevent visitors from being directed to it.
  • Solve problems with WordPress that may cause the 404 error page to appear.
  • Design a unique 404 page for your website to avoid problems and consequences of these pages.

To learn more about this error and how to treat it, you can read this article.

6. Why should I design a 404 page specifically for a website?

The design of a wrong page for your website, such as websites and large companies, will have a very positive effect on your website, both from the user experience side and from the software side.

When this page appears, your user will not lose their trust in you, but on the contrary, they may increase their trust and realize that you want to achieve the greatest benefit for them.

Also, it won’t stop these missing pages from being crawled by crawlers, but when you add important links to your site, it will complete its task with the least possible damage, and it won’t affect your site’s performance.


Being the owner of a website makes you responsible for all errors and weaknesses of your website, and you certainly want it to always appear to your visitors in the best possible form and efficiency.

Therefore, you should work periodically on developing your site and correcting its errors. This is what we are trying to offer you through this article.

Here we present to you one of the most famous errors on the Internet, which are 404 errors and all the information you need to know about them.

in addition to the different ways to process it and interact with it to avoid all negative effects on your site from returning visitors and harming your site.

And in the end, we hope to have helped and helped you, and if you have any questions or comments, ask us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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