Everyone has an opinion and that’s fine but it’s ruining my interest to create. Video/photo rant

This is no new debate but with the ease of access to cameras and editing software, everyone’s an expert now or has an opinion. It’s exhausting and frankly I’m tired of being nice and entertaining these half-ass critiques.

My current client takes photos but is basically a glorified senior portrait photographer. Copying the classic boring style that middle class moms have grown to love. Over the years that I’ve worked with the company she often chimes in with critiques out of nowhere that serve little to no purpose and often require a “great I’ll pay attention to that” or “hey, what color profile is your screen calibrated to. Not all screens are created equal”.

It’s simply draining to craft responses to all these little things and it’s ruining my interest in creating work. No matter what I do, it’s always going to be nitpicked to death and I understand that but when it serves no purpose, it just gets under my skin. maybe it’s more annoying because I see the work these people do and it’s so basic and lacks complexity..idk it’s something and it’s ruing my interest to create.


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