Facebook Targeting Explained, the Ads do the Targeting

Because of the data, each Post ID has, paid or organic… the platform knows how people will respond to it. The more data a post has, the higher the accuracy and confidence of this knowledge and decision-making from Machine Learning. Just like with Organic Reach, Facebook is able to use the data that the Ads have (because all of it is just Post IDs, which are webpages) to determine who else to show your content to.

Every post can determine who “looks like” those who have already had a platform-level desirable experience, one that meets Facebook’s business objective of attention and retention. All content then finds other users who “look like that” to be shown in users’ platform experiences. If this kinda sounds like a “Lookalike” audience, you’re right, it is… that is exactly what this is.

Every Post ID curates its own lookalike audience and then competes in the algorithm to be shown to the users within that audience, based on merit.

When we pay for ads, we are forcing our content into the algorithmic feeds of users… our CPMs come as a ramification of that

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