First month freelance – say ‘yes’ to everything?

I’m very fortunate that my first month of freelance after years of staff jobs has become pretty much completely booked up.

A former colleague got in touch & has a ton of work for me, at a great rate. As a result, it’s looking like I’ll be working 26 out of 31 days in March for him and one other client.

My attitude has been “Say yes to everything at the start”. Then after a couple of months, I’d hope to be able to be more selective in terms of what I work on and when.

Do you have any general tips for these first few weeks and months that lie ahead?

It’s going to be a busy and expensive year for me, and I’m fully ready to work. But I’m wary to not become a complete work zombie – not through laziness at all, but because I’ve seen it happen to close friends who despite being well-off, are exhausted and not living great lives as a result.

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