Free discord for agency owners looking to grow their network and networth – serious winners only

Hey Reddit

I’ve refined and built my business model over the last 2.5 yrs, and have put most of my client acquisition strategies on paper, notion and more.

This info includes the front and back of how to create your offer, find clients, message, convert to appointments and close your first deals.

It’s also going to be updated constantly, as I grow and optimize the method.

Reddit’s community has been helpful for me over the last decade.

Actually, it’s a where I’ve gained much insight to building my business.

This has changed my world, life and I’m thrilled and excited to open up the community

We’ve got 60 members – entrepreneurs, artists, beginners, millionaires and more.

A referral network, coaches, events and more are already there or coming soon.

The first 2 people to get into business from our server will get dinner, on me.

Web2, Web3, partnerships, commission based jobs, and more.

Comment and like for the invite to our community 🙂


TLDR: free discord group for action takers looking to supercharge their network and networth this year and beyond

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