Freelance training scams?

I’ve been seeing a lot of individuals/groups (not on here, some friends on social media and elsewhere on the internet) claiming that they want to teach people how to become high-earning, self-employed, WFH freelancers lately.

Here’s the template they always seem to follow:

“I used to do [insert low-middle income job] but I became an entrepreneur overnight after I found this course. Now I earn $50k/month, have 100% flexible hours, work for myself, and will be able to retire by the time I’m 50. Here’s my blog where I [give generic advice] show you how I did it, explain how to get the most out of Upwork/Fiverr/PPH and give you tips for where to get started!”

I’m not a freelancer, though I’ve definitely considered it. I’m about to start an MBA, so the plan is to wait until I have solid ground to stand on before moving forward with any major career changes.

I’m not about to contact any of these people to find out what the catch is, mostly because I went down that path with my cousin who got involved in a pyramid scheme and she got SO offended that I asked. I know there’s a catch, there has to be. I just don’t buy for a second that someone working in a highly competitive field like freelancing would just give away the secret to a 6 figure income and walk away with nothing but a warm and fuzzy feeling in their heart of hearts.

To note, they never mention the course they supposedly took and claim to have founded and significantly grown many (usually tech-based) companies. But I also know they either live with their parents still or are renting super cheap apartments.

Just curious!

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