,unfair arbitration?

Hello guys!I am a beginner freelancer. I just had a job on where the client awarded me a bid of 190€,me not being experienced I started working before the client actually made the milestones. Client created just one milestone of 38€ euros, that he said would release when he sees any work done, straight up refusing to create the full ammount in milestones. Now the project was completed, but needed slight optimization for his specific computer, a couple lines of code worth. I nicely told the client I will optimize it once he creates the milestones. Then he dissapeared, I went to arbitration for the 38€ initial deposit he refused to release even when he saw the script uploaded. After giving all the evidence that the client said he would release the milestone once he sees SOME work done, how he refused to create milestones like normal employers do, and even me respectfully asking for him to create the milestones so we can leave the debate behind and finish the work. The team decided to my surprise the client is completely in the right. Now my question to you, experienced freelancers, is it normal for me to give the client the complete work, troubleshoot it in order to work on his device while he avoids creating the milestones, milestones that are middlemanned by freelancer and will never come to me until he releases them, because I do not get the decision the arbitration team made at all….

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