Getting no conversions with Google Ads?

So I’ve been running my campaign since November but haven’t gotten a single conversion (animation services). I’ve tested the conversion tracking and everything works fine. I have submit lead form as a conversion. We have landing pages for each service, which eventually brings people to the form page. Maybe directly linking the submit form page as landing page would bring in more conversions, but it doesn’t fully make sense as they need to look at what we offer first.

We also spend 15 USD a day and it would be expensive to increase the budget, so it needs to be worth it.

Some data and how it has changed within a month:

Impressions: 1.73k –> 1.89k (+160)
CTR: 4.74% –> 6.03% (+1.29 %)
Clicks: 82 –> 114 (+32)
CPC: 5.53 USD –> 3.93 USD (- 1.6 USD)

An overall improvement from last month, but still no conversions…


Campaign structure:

\- Following the STAG structure
\- 6 ad groups, one for each service
\- Around 35 keywords spread across the groups
\- I use negative keywords as well


And average time on the various landing pages:

1 – 7 seconds

2 – 40 seconds

3 – 56 seconds

4 – 25 seconds


I am willing to link you the page through PMs… appreciate any help!

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