Give your advice to a complete newbie!

Alright so I am the newbie. I have a few questions but not 2000$ to spend on a course and thus I will Ask my questions here! Ridicule me all you want for some questions might seem obvious but I have not found any awnsers to them.

1: As for SMMA, won’t I, the one being hired for marketing, need the company’s login to manage, post, and advertise posts? And wouldn’t that mean that if I outsource this work, I will have to pass this information to a media buyer?

2: For media buyers, I have only seen people charging hourly rates. How can I propose a monthly rate? Say UpWork for example, many are listed between 20-30$ and work 30h/week. That would roughly equate to 3000$/month just for a media buyer. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

3: Content making. I am from Sweden however I want to work internationelly. This poses the problem of content making. For those who have experience, do companies often have ready and set pictures/videos to use? Or what do companies overall really want? How should I from Sweden create content for a bike being sold in the US or a house being listed in Hong Kong or a Plane charter in Germany?

If you have any other tips, please state them! I am open minded and just want to hear and learn 🙂

Kind regards

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