Gmail Alternative to Manage Custom Domains – Free or Paid

I persuaded a client to use Gmail to manage their business email across several websites.

I regret this because he’s now receiving the error message, **”Unusual usage – account temporarily locked down.”** We have no idea why and it’s been happening for about a week now. He sometimes can’t even load his inbox on desktop without receiving this error. Other times he can send/receive but we are unable to edit ANY settings.

The only silver lining is his mobile access hasn’t been affected.

His setup:

* 10-15 unique addresses, spread across \~5-6 domains (All setup to “Send As” for Outgoing)
* He has one address (personal one) setup for incoming
* His primary website is hosted with Kinsta (no email hosting)

At the time, Kinsta recommended Mailgun for email, so we got set up on there with FWD’ers for incoming (all to the aforementioned Gmail account) and the outgoing settings to hook in many of the custom domains.

That also backfired because Mailgun now has a limitation with email forwarding under their free plan (5 addresses only). The paid plan is $35/month which seems excessive for basic email (the volume isn’t high).

So my questions after this rant…

(A) Anyone have a similar type of email setup, and how do you manage it from one platform?

(B) Is it worth it to create a new Gmail account, get all domains setup with email via our web hosting provider, and “duplicate” the Gmail settings?

(C) Any recommendations for a 3rd-party email hosting service (not Google Workspace) that is a reasonable price (maybe $10-20/month) to set up < 20 email addresses across multiple domains? Basically to eliminate email from being paired with web hosting.

I’m so frustrated with Google as a company since their support is useless, and they don’t provide you with any specific information when problems arise.

Any input is appreciated!

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