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Hey there,

I need to move my sites because the host I’m with is with EIG. when i first signed up there it wasn’t, but then it got bought up. it just works usually, until it doesn’t, then support is a nightmare. currently my problem is that their php keeps running out of memory (i think that even though the php.ini has a given amount set, the shared account its running in has less so it can never allocate enough, is that a thing?).

I’ve already looked at the sidebar and e.g. gnu-host looks good as uk hosts go, but I’d like to know of a few more alternatives.

basically need around ~25gb space. 2-3 domains which I will transfer. be able to connect email with google workspace. Some extras for wordpress like caching servers would be nice.

ideally i want somewhere uk or euro based, somewhere between 10-20/month, no minimum contract or large bump in cost on renewal.

any help is appreciated.

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