Google Ads’ Ad Variation Tool Help?

Hi! I have recently run an ad variation test on Google Ads and have received confusing results.

I tested two headlines against each other, each pinned in the first position.

The test headline resulted in a 7% increase in CTR, but a -29% decrease in impressions, 23% decrease in clicks, 5% increase in CPC, and spent 20% less.

Is this Google’s way of saying it prefers not to serve the test ad? I don’t understand why a slight ad copy variation would result in a significant change in impressions. It’s strange also that CPC would go up while CTR also goes up, i guess Google is truly charging more for each impression.

I’ve run 4 separate ad variations, all with similar results where CTR goes up, but the CPC becomes more expensive. Anyone else run into this or have recommendations?

Thank you!

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