Guys who have payment issues: why don’t you use freelance platforms?

Online freelance platforms usually impose escrow systems that offers some kind of guarantee.

It does have a cost, but also comes with some publicity since your profile becomes visible to a new set of prospects, and brings a degree of peace of mind.

Why do you decide not to use them?

I used one recently to hire some help on an admin/sourcing issue and you wouldn’t believe how low the bar is in terms of professionalism.

Just answering quickly and clearly puts you in the top 10%…

freelance/comments/10tzbo1/guys_who_have_payment_issues_why_dont_you_use/”>View Reddit by ProperWerewolf2freelance/comments/10tzbo1/guys_who_have_payment_issues_why_dont_you_use/”>View Source

Best website to start freelancing?

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