Having severe trouble even finding my first client. Can anyone suggest how to market my web design services to therapists?

Non-native English speaker here.

I live in Bangladesh and I am trying to start a freelance web design business building WordPress websites with Elementor for therapists living in North America and Europe. If this is successful, I plan to expand my client base to include life coaches, dentists, doctors and so on (people that have a private practice).

Now, I am having serious trouble finding ANY clients at all. I am totally clueless on whether I should have a blog on my website, write on medium, target Instagram or what. I dont know what platform therapists use mostly or how to market to them.

I am looking for free or low cost ways to do digital marketing. ALso, since I am freelancing on my own, I am short on time and I cannot market to every platform out there. I can only focus on a few.

I am yet to find my first client.

Can someone please suggest ways to market to my target demographics?

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