Help! Found my IP address is “blacklisted” just after I sent many business emails… Not a tech wizard!

Just set up this business email and sent out quite a few emails today to potential clients. Now I find out that my home IP address and phone IP, which I used both of to send the emails are messed up!

According to Talos
-Sender IP Reputation- Poor
-Spam level- Critical
-Phone results shows a list of 29 “Top IPs used to send emails in (insert my ip here)” *Don’t see any “top ips” on my home ip check

According to Blacklist Check *Don’t see either of these on my phone ip check

I don’t have a complex network setup. Regular Comcast internet here at the house and Verizon Wireless 5G. Have never sent spam mail. Latest model modem/router installed a few months ago.

Is this as scary as it sounds and what can I do to fix this? Are all the emails I sent today likely compromised? Super worried I’ve sabotaged myself now….

-Any insights much appreciated.

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