Help me escape HostGator with my WordPress site

My big event is on Saturday, and my WordPress site is timing out on HostGator. I’m on my second chat (after a long wait) and not optimistic. The support person said they will restart the Apache server.)

I decided to try migrating to SiteGround, but their site creation tool failed.

Any recommendations of somewhere I can quickly transfer my WordPress site and get up and running as soon as the DNS switches?

FYI, I found this subreddit by Googling “hostgator sucks”.

To answer the survey questions:

* My monthly budget is $20.
* My users are located in California.
* My site uses WordPress.
* We get at most hundreds of visitors a day.
* I don’t want to have to administer a server.
* I did see the sidebar but don’t know which is good for fast WordPress transfers.

Thank you.

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