Help: UTM parameters lost in campaign URLs (Universal analytics)

Hi, sorry long one.

I have created campaign URLs to track source/medium towards a specific goal I have set to track where sign ups are coming from.

I used the official campaign builder from Google and defined the following UTMs: campaign name, source and medium.

Goal set up is working and it shows total, but all acquisition data is from self referral, which I know is incorrect when testing from specific campaign URLs.

I suspect somewhere in the funnel the UTM parameters are being stripped between the landing page, the sign up and the goal completion (destination URL) page, which is why I am seeing so many self referral sources, rather than the correct data.

I have checked real time reports and the links are working correctly as they are appearing as I visit them to test, it seems that the acquisition data is lost once it completes a goal and resorts to a default website referral source/medium.

To be thorough, I have ran tag assistant via chrome and analytics is firing correctly on both pages, even though goal completions don’t need to be the same domain.

It is also worth noting the sign up page uses an embedded sign up from from eventbrite, and again, somewhat suspect this might be the culprit.

So my questions are:

Is it the sign up form stripping the UTMs? Would cross domain tracking fix the issue? Or should I ditch embedded sign ups and use my own form altogether?

Thanks in advance!

TLDR: campaign URL losing UTM parameters when converting and showing self referral as acquisition.

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