Here’s an updated list of websites every marketer should know (+ most of them are free)

1. Futurpedia – It’s an AI tools library constantly updated to help you find all tools and resources powered with AI.
2. PrepostSEO – It’s a free SEO website with 95 tools to help with SEO & content creation.
3. Accessible Social – It’s a free Social Media Library to help entrepreneurs with basic social media marketing + to make content accessible for users with special needs.
4. Github Library- By user “bradtravesy” on github, He created a free github library filled with all the resources needed for web design + social media content.
5. Really Good Emails – It’s a curated library for email marketing examples & to spy on your competitors campaignz
6. Tiktok Ads Academy- Don’t buy a Tiktok course, you can join their official program for new businesses.
7. Monday – It’s one of the most used tool by teams to work together. Pretty effective!
8. Attentive “Text we love” – It’s a curated library to find SMS marketing examples.
9. Gated – It’s a tool to help you prevent your email from spam and you can filter your emails better.
10. Notifier (so) – It’s a social monitoring tool that alerts you about specific keywords you want to track on social media.
11. Built with – To find the tools a website is using to run itself.
12. Cloud Convert – A Tool to turn your website images into webp format for faster speed.
13. Harvard Business Review – To get better Consumer behaviour & Updated Insights on Markets.

**You can join r/marketingcurated for more marketing resources.**

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