Highest I’ve ever quoted on a project and they agreed!

Been freelancing full-time since September of last year. I’ve been drastically unquoting myself the entire time. Client recently came along, and I knew that this project would be more work than normal. Around the same time, I saw a comment on here that said something along the lines of “if you’re not sweating a bit when you send your quote, your underquoting” (thank you to whoever commented this) and decided screw it, I’m quoting what this job is actually worth.

And they agreed almost instantly! WHEE!!

freelance/comments/10tkivg/highest_ive_ever_quoted_on_a_project_and_they/”>View Reddit by CaptainCrapulafreelance/comments/10tkivg/highest_ive_ever_quoted_on_a_project_and_they/”>View Source

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