Host Koala or Buy Shared – anyone any experience with these?


I have a few very basic hobby websites, most are just a few pages, more like landing pages with contact information or a resume. I hope to improve them slightly, add some actual content.

I posted the other day, I’m currently with TSOhost but I’ve decided to leave them as support is non existent and they removed SSL, as well as a few other things that didn’t sit right with me. Being bought by GoDaddy seems to do that.

Krystal has appeared as my main choice due to all the great reviews (£120 per year), followed by eUKhost which I feel will also satisfy my needs and seem to get very good reviews (£54 per year). However, I couldn’t find any information on their amount of ram, cores, litespeed, etc. Just spoke to their online chat, 1 Core, 1 GB RAM, no LiteSpeed or DDos.

However… as I only have a few small sites I’m also investigating some cheaper options. As much as I’m interested in knowing more about them before I make a final decision.

Host Koala and Buy Shared seem very cheap and seem to offer quite a bit for the price. The tiers I am looking at are:

**Koala Premium Plan – £28 ($34 USD) per** **year, or higher tier at £51 ($62 USD).**

**Buy Shared – £15 ($18 USD) per year.**

I think Koala potentially use Buy Shared’s servers or something along those lines, I could be wrong though, think something I read hinted at that.

I know people will always say you get what you pay for, performance not great etc, but was wondering if anyone in a similar situation to myself with a few basic sites have any real world experience and reviews of these two hosts? Recommend or definitely avoid?

If I find a host is not meeting my needs I feel I could up to something better when I take my sites more seriously, the last while they’ve just been sitting doing very little.

Any help or feedback on the two hosts above is appreciated.

**UPDATE:** Thought I’d share my thoughts. From looking things over it seems my choice again might be between eUKhost and Krystal. With eUKhost potentially being my winner.

**Buy Shared** \- seemed appealing but if not in stock it rules it out.
**Host Koala** \- Read a bit more and doesn’t fill me with confidence.
**eUKhost** \- Seems to get good reviews and I think will be good enough for my needs.
**Krystal** \- Probably the best option, will potentially consider it when I feel my website uses merit it.

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