Hosting an http-server and database

Hey everyone, I have a HTTP-server which I want to run as the backend for a client application I wrote. I dont have much experience with hosting though and hope someone here can help me with my questions. Thanks in advance.

First of all, my application is a ASP\_NET core web-api project using .net 7. It just exposes some http endpoints and is adding information to its underlying database(s). I am currently only running it locally and using Sqlite for development, but I plan on releasing my application soon. My budget is not very high (\~70€ a month). I expect \~1 request every 2 seconds to my API (at least at the start).My web-application needs to do 3 things:- Receive and process requests- Store data (e.g. user data and some other) in a relational database- Store big files (\~0.5-150MB per file)

I have looked into AWS due to it’s “pay for what you use” model, but I don’t like the idea of setting up the ec2 machines and the gateway up myself, since I dont have a lot of experience in that area.

I have also found Azure which is from Microsoft, thus I hope there is an easier integration with my application.Does Azure have some services that would fit me needs?
Is Azure good price-wise or are there any better alternatives, if so, why are they better?

If you have any other advice you can give me, I’d really appreciate it.Thanks in advance

PS: I have looked through the hosts-list provided by r/webhosting, but it doesn’t really help me since I do not know about any of those and can’t judge how well they’d fit my needs.

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