Hosting application on Windows Server running IIS and want to redirect website to application using a port

I am running [Uptime Kuma]( on our server and it’s using a port 1234 for instance. I can access the application by going to []( but the certificate is invalid.

We are running Windows 2022 with IIS 10 on a dedicated cloud server. For SSL certificates I’m using Lets Encrypt.

Two questions:

1. Can I setup IIS/Uptime to bind to my url []( without the port?
2. If I can do the above, can it use the certificate for my website? I’m getting an invalid certificate if I have to append the port at the end.

I tried binding the port in IIS but the website will not start since the port is already in use by Uptime Kuma.

[IIS Binding](

I wasn’t sure how to search for this so any information or links would be greatly appreciated!

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