Hosting recomendations for different websites with Ticket sales, ecommerce, blog and static pages

I’m looking for the most affordable solution with scalable possibilities, there are some black friday sales and I don’t know if I should go for them.

I’m building five different websites (some of them are already up), they are all hosted in Servage but it’s slow AF (I need optimization but nevertheless)

1. A wordpress website with a blog with local/national traffic
2. A course selling website like []( with traffic from different countries
3. A ticket sales website with real time maps of events with national traffic and hopefully globla soon
4. An Airbnb-like site for “experiences” also with national traffic and looking to scale it
5. A nursery website with small online sales (national)

It’s important to mention that they have curretly close to Zero monthly traffic but I don’t know if they can be hosted in something like Hostingers basic plan or should I think in different types for each site.

Two of them will be wordpress/similar templates and the other three will be built in Rails. I have no experience but I’m willing to put the time and effort in having the best option that helps me pay less now but scale in the future without any problems.

I really hope someone can help

Thank you!!

**Note: I’m in Mexico**

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