How did you practice your skill? (Google Ads)

Hi Everyone,

I am starting out in the Google Ads world and would like to know how you started your journey.

Basically, how did you put the theory into practice, how did you get your first clients and was sure not to mess up their campaigns and accounts?

I watched hours upon days upon weeks of courses and youtube videos and i know pretty well the theory part of Google Ads. But now that i know the theory part, how do i practice the skill and make sure i do everything well. I launched last night a campaign for my friend’s personal training gym and i am confident that i built the ad campaign pretty well but I am afraid of making mistakes that will cost him money.

Should I invest in a coaching service (They are super expensive :S) ? Should I invest in a course that includes a membership program where monthly Q&As happen and a community forum exists? Should I hire someone on Upwork so that they can show me what they would do to manage the ad and learn from them (which is more affordable i believe)?

I am building my portfolio to by offering my services for free in hopes that i am able to get good results and get a testimonial at the end. But at the same time I am stressed that i won’t be able to deliver, so i would like to mitigate and avoid errors.

What is your advice and how was your experience starting out your first google ads campaign without prior practice?

Thank you!

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