How do I confront my client?

Hi everyone, I need some advice on how to confront my client (or if I need to confront my client at all).

Recently, my client started working with someone on creative content. For the sake of the story, let’s call him John.

John and I have worked together for a different client in the past. Our work is supposed to complement each other, but since his wife does the same type of work I do, he tries to convince our clients that she’s a better fit to take over that contract.

Luckily for me, he wasn’t able to succeed with our other client, but with this client, it seems that he’s a bit more persuasive.

Since our work is supposed to be complementary, he has taken the attention away of the client from the service I provide, which has really made things difficult. For example, I’ve been kept in the dark about what type of content is being created, when they plan to release it, and other details that I need to build a strategy for a successful launch. Over the past three months, since my client has started working with John, I’ve been repeatedly given content last minute and expected to do the best I can with it.

I want to bring this up to my client, but I’m afraid of how it will come off because I obviously have had some negative experiences with John in the past. I don’t want to lose this client over John’s dirty tactics. So how would you suggest I approach this conversation?

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