How do I find brands?

Hi everyone. I have worked in the influencer space for about 3 years now. I have thrown influencer photoshoots all over the country at the most beautiful mansions, coordinated trips to Maui and Tulum with influencers and world class photographers. These were all privately funded except for some collab events I did with and a local luxury rental company. I am now ready work with brands but I have had a really hard time to even get on a call with them. I have over 100 female models/influencers in my network with followings ranging 25,000-3million. I will be giving space on red carpets, product placements for content creation, story post spots, feed post spots, brand activations, etc.

Any tips? I have tried linkedin, cold emails, and direct messaging on Instagram. I have tons of video content from previous events but for some reason, I’ve always had trouble with lead generation

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