How do i go about offering influencer marketing to a client?

Forgive my lack of knowledge, that’s why i’m here.

A family member has started a company selling an eco cleaning product, and i’m also starting a marketing agency and want to help his business any way i can. I know a couple of ‘influencers’ / youtubers in that niche that i could get in contact with.

My question to you is, where can i find a good reliable resource on this topic, that will cover most or all of the info i would need to get started and make some moves, as i’m aware that i have 0 clue about this lol.

If not, then..

\- What sort of offers are there? (sponsorship / 60 second ad reads in videos/podcasts / Posting social media ads on insta/tiktok etc)??

\- How do I structure the pricing? Money per read, monthly fee for an agreed amount of reads. How would i know if it’s a fair price or not?

\- How do i best structure my own pricing for providing this service? Would it be commission, or flat fee for every influencer?

Of course, a good list of resources for me to look into would be the most helpful so any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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