How do I politely say I’ve had enough and I can’t do this anymore with these timelines.

This is my first client ever, so I’m learning the basic stuff the hard way. I used to have a full time job, until yesterday, however right now I’m “on vacation” but I still have this client (I’m an architect / interior designer).

My client is an industrial designer and has her own firm so basically I am doing the interior design so she can do all the furniture. She gave another small project, so I hope I can get more projects from her in the future.

This is a hell of a project. About a week and a half ago I asked her a week to do the changes and she said yes. But she contacted me telling me she told the client she was sending the project that Friday, and because I don’t know how to say no, I told her I can do an exception and do that in two days. My biggest mistake EVER. Since then she has been asking me to change things and expect them the next day. I can’t do this. I physically can’t. I am exhausted, enough to take a vacation after quitting my full time job, and I’m not enjoying it because I’m working 24/7.
I was expecting to have a meeting on Saturday and she disappeared. Monday I sent her a text around 3pm, and she replied all her comments around 8-9pm. Today at 10am sent me a google meet link in an hour. I said no, so she rescheduled at 1pm. We had the meeting and she was expecting the final file in the evening. And she got mad when I told her I was sending it tomorrow 8am. It’s currently 1:35am and I just got an email with a link for a meeting tomorrow at 11am. I just can’t. I am probably going to sleep until 1pm and I want to go to the beach to have brunch. It’s unfair she is treating me like an employee (that is why I quit my other job). How do I set limits?

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