How do I tell my client I can only dedicate 2 hours on weekdays to their work?

Hi All,

I do a lot of freelance work making graphics and doing web design for an eCommerce business. I do their work in addition to my full-time job (40 hours a week).

I’ve just finished a month of 120 hours for them and it nearly broke me. I’m sticking to a firm 60 hours per month for them and they’re OK with that. However, my full-time job is inflexible with the days worked (I can’t work my full-time on a weekend and give a weekday to my freelance).

I’m wanting to give them only 2 hours every weekday, and spend the majority of my weekend doing their work (12-14 hours on a weekend). This means I need to be able to tell them that I can’t drop everything on a weekday for them, and I need them to plan out their timings and briefs (especially for big sales/holiday periods) to accommodate this.

I have a calendar pdf I was going to send them that has the hours I can give them on the days leading up to my out-of-office period at Christmas time, but I’m struggling to find a nice way to tell them how many hours they can have on a weekday and that the weekends are theirs to have. Every time I try to write it in an email, it sounds like they’re a second priority (which they are, but I don’t want them to feel it).

How have you told your freelance clients what resources you can dedicate to them?

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