How do you deal with the chaos of freelancing? (Graphic designer)

Hey all, I’ve been a full-time contractor/freelancer for a few months now and it’s very hectic. I’m constantly switching between projects and clients, some projects are small (a few days), some are very large (a couple of months), and some are ongoing with a set number of hours weekly. I’m stressed.

For the people who have been freelancing full-time – does it ever “get better”? Do you get into a groove of things at some point? Or how did you adapt? Is it even sustainable to be doing this for years (lifestyle-wise)?

Thank you in advance.

edit: Thank you all for answering, can’t reply to all of you, but there were some wise things in here. For background: I’ve been designing for 6+ years with mostly in-house design jobs. I switched to contract work in the past year. It’s been an adjustment. Within the last 3 months I’ve been getting more work than my brain can handle. I raised my prices steadily too but overall something needs to change. Thanks all!

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