How do you guys feel about clients using texting as a primary contact method?

I’ve been a freelancer web designer/developer for 15 years. I’m by no stretch new to juggling a lot of clients. I have at least 100 that might contact me at any moment and lately many of them have chosen to use texting.

Is this a problem for anyone else, and if so, how do you deal with it? I feel pressured to respond quickly to text messages, and it can be overwhelming. I carry a little bit of anxiety with it. It’s also awkward to respond to a text with an email, but sometimes its 100x more efficient when they’re asking for something that requires a long response.

The problem is, when I ask them to please email me, they just ignore me, or they actually get offended. And it’s at all hours. Early in the morning. Late at night. And I can’t keep up with text like I do my emails. I’ve actually been fired from a job by a client because I politely asked them to not text me after hours.

Just curious if anyone else is struggling with this and how you might be handling it.

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