How Does One Politely and Professionally Tell A Client They Don’t Know What They Are Talking About?

For context, this client has been my nightmare for the last couple years. I’ve only kept him around because I need the money but I think this last project was the last straw.
He was hired on by his brother as a special project manager, he has art directed (with no experience) me like crazy on how to design the website, and I stuck it out to the conclusion of the project.

I have now drafted (but not yet sent) an email telling him I will no longer accept future projects.

However, he wants to back-pedal on the website design for the projects page (essentially a gallery). This page I did extensive UI research on functionality & best practices as well as have designed project gallery pages for my own site many times. He has now said that he will be making said changes and I am just to implement them into the design files for the developer. Which means he is going to sketch them on printer paper without any knowledge of wireframes and design and expects me to do it exactly as he wants.

I am really trying to bite my tongue and be professional but I am struggling to draft a response in such a way. Anyone have experience with clients such as this? How do you tell someone they don’t know what they are doing without them having a fit?

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