How to acquire my first 100 users (with no budget)?

Hey everyone.

I recently joined Wytland, an early-stage Travel Metaverse company. **It’s my first time working in the Metaverse and my job is to build the community from the ground.**

Our target audience is Gen Zers who are constantly traveling and sharing their travel experiences online and my goal is to onboard them on our metaverse.

**Some strategies I’ve been using are:**
\- Spreading the word on our Social Media channels (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok & LinkedIn)
\- Direct outreaching our audience via email and DM
\- Providing value in TripAdvisor chats and forums

As an early-stage company, budget is still limited to develop more advanced strategies.

So, **what other strategies can be effective for acquiring our first community members and users?**

Looking forward to reading your insights 🙂

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