How to break into a specialization?

Howdy everyone,

I’ve been working as an associate for the last year for an in-house marketing team for non-profit development. I spend most of my time creating social media content (graphics and copy), writing our newsletters, creating all print material (graphics and copy) writing press releases and recently have taken on event marketing and management for our community level fundraising events.

I’m currently set to graduate in spring 2024 with a degree in marketing.

Based on what I am doing now I have discovered I am passionate about email automation, optimizing how we utilize our CRM, and omnichannel marketing (currently my team focuses on multichannel and is not on board for creating a unified online environment where each channel serves to compliment one another or funnel potential donors from point A to point B.)

I know that the best way to get into the field you want is to land an entry level position in said field, but my question is – what can I do to better equip my resume to get an entry level specialist position, instead of another generalist position?

What courses or certificates would you recommend for automation, CRM optimization, or channel integration? Would it be best to focus on courses from specific software companies?

And as far as independent projects go to tailor my resume/build a portfolio, I don’t think I have the bandwidth to successfully grow my own social, website, and newsletter at once. But would you suggest freelancing for another team to focus on one of the above interests?

Thank you so much!

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