How to douse the early fires of going freelance?

Hi all, on account of changes happening at my workplace, I’ve been made redundant. I’m not sorry about it. For the past one year or more, my opportunities here were very limited. And because of a recent tiff with a spiteful few, my stories were not getting published here either. So, I’ve decided freelance is the way to go.

I realise I come into this very late, and at a time when most are quitting freelance and turning to more stable jobs. But I’m determined to make something out of it.

I was a computer science student who held a PR, advertising job until only a few years ago. I turned to journalism out of a desire to tell stories of my hometown.

I’ve had considerable success until the tiff. I have had my works published in national papers, international mags. But that all came under the security/influence of a big media’s name and networks.

I have saved enough for the next three months. Maybe more. 6 months if I could stretch it.

What I’m asking is: how does one ensure a smooth start to a freelance career. How has your first few months been and what would you change or do better? More importantly, how not to regret going freelance?

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