How to know what hosting I need?

Hey guys,

I’m currently learning CS concepts, and was looking at buying some hosting to try building some example portfolio dashboards and such.

I’m currently mostly using Python with StreamLit or similar to build the dashboards, from either a locally hosted MongoDB or SQL database. I want to be able to pick up some other dashboards in my repertoire, potentially either just something like Plotly Dash or maybe React.

Will the server-side running of this be covered in generic web hosting, or if not, what am I looking for? Equally, if I want \*.py files to be running to do things like webscraping, same applies; what kind of hosting is applicable to me?

[]( would be my preferred as I already have some products there, so if the answer could be translated to their products, that’d be much appreciated. If they don’t do something applicable, anything else UK based would be appreciated 🙂

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