How to make clients fall in love with you

Not literally, of course.

Let’s say you have someone asking for a price on X project. You can either be like everyone else and give a range and hope you get a callback. Or… you can ask precise questions on what they want, show interest in their project and their vision of their product, give them options that are lower than their budget but might fit their needs. Show that you care, even if you don’t really do. Oh and write without any mistakes please. When I asked my clients why they wanted to work with me, this was the main reason.

During the project, you could either just do things as you think and hope they like it. Or… you can keep them updated on the project, ask for feedback along the way, keep them involved, give them new ideas and improvements you thought about. And keep the clean and professional conversation from the beginning until the end.

I am not the best web developer out there, but I had clients chase me and regularly get clients with close to no effort just because they like my vibe.

It’s really easy to do that bit of effort that all the others often don’t do.

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