How to organically build persistent facebook audience to later generate ecommerce store sales

Hey all,

My mum has recently opened an art gallery in Wales, UK, featuring a lot of her own (great) sculptures. She has been an artist for many years, and has seen decent success, but I am now making an effort to turn what she does into a real business, specifically driving and converting traffic both digitally and physically.

I’m tackling a couple of areas simultaneously such as site optimisation (I’m a dev by trade), SEO, and Facebook following. I’m aware of opportunities around FB PPC, but right now I’m working on how to build a persistent audience of people who are interested in art and sculpture, to continually engage with them, share interesting/inspiring/engaging content surrounding the art and business, and periodically notify them of art that is available, to drive them to the website to convert.

This is where I’m reaching out for help, if anyone can share some resources that you have found useful, mapping out how to structure things, best locations (group vs page vs profile) for a central point, and specific strategies on how to generate a bigger audience, I would be incredibly grateful.

Thanks for reading!

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