How to talk with clients who treat you as a potential employee on a discovery call?

I’m a WebApp developer and I started freelancing a few months ago. Before that, I worked in a corporate environment. Very often I see that clients treat me like a potential employee on our first discovery call.

What I usually do:

* Before accepting a call, I make sure that they are open to collaborating with a freelancer, and that they are not looking for a permanent position instead.
* While we do the call, I run the meeting: I ask questions, let them answer, and tell them how I can help their business by offering my services.
* At the end of the call, I tell them that I will follow up with a proposal, and ask if they have any questions. Most of the time they ask me about my experience, tell me to send a CV, ask me if am I available for 2 additional meetings with the Tech Lead and CTO, and so on.

Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Would they treat me the same way if I had an agency?

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