How to tell client that they are the reason for delays?

I have a verrry long-term client (over 15 years!) who are generally great to work with. I’m currently doing a full redesign and rebuild of their website. The project is taking a while—we’ve been in the early stages for several months.

The slow pace is partly because I’ve been working on two other large projects, but they’re both finished now.

The other reason for the slow pace is that my current point of contact takes an average of *two weeks* to answer even a small question. On December 1, she said her team didn’t like the photos in a mockup, so I asked her to tell me which three photos she wanted to use. She answered me today—over three weeks later.

This contact person seems to be a little annoyed with me. She wants to write a Memorandum of Understanding because she “would like some assurance about dates and timing going forward.”

How do I tactfully tell her that it’s very hard to predict exact dates for milestones because she takes for-freaking-ever to give me feedback?

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