How to transition from one client to another whilst being full time?

I have been a professional, full time video editor for over two and a half years now, and in that time I managed to accrue and maintain 3 long term business relations on multiple retainer basis’.

I have since had a new offer with a new client, and I wish to move away from one income source to another but I am afraid, namely as I haven’t done it before, especially when I am comfortable and earning stable income.

When I was building my career up, I had a safety net of a part time job behind me. Now that I am full time as a freelancer it worries me that if I take up a new job with a fresh client and then for whatever reason it falls through, I’ve technically lost 2 clients. The one I replaced and the one that fell through.

How do you navigate this? I know I could write a clause in my standard contract stating they must pay me x amount if job is halted by them before x date, but that doesn’t look or sound very attractive to prospective clients.

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