How would you deal with a harmful contact at clients firm?

I am providing ongoing consultancy services to a client. One of the point of contacts at the firm is proving to be quite harmful and unprofessional.

This person will do anything to avoid blame and gain advantage. I have tried to compartmentalise and distance myself as much as possible when I am working on tasks but I just don’t think it is sustainable.

She will full on lie about things she has said. For example, I had asked 4 times by email for information so that I could progress with a task, on the 5th occasion I cc’d the main contact in advising that I have not been able to progress, and she came back and said ‘as I told you yesterday on our call’ … except she never did tell me anything related to the task on that call! This is just one example, she has also blatantly told me that if a client complains about service, she is blaming her predecessor and ‘pretending’ she only took over the work recently.

This all sounds quite petty as I type it out but, in all seriousness, how do I manage this without sacking the client? I care about the work that I do and want the client to benefit in the long run but there is only so much being thrown under a bus that I can take.

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