Hypervisor/Customer VPS Hosting

I’ve had the idea of setting up some servers I have lying around in a data center as a vps/hypervisor cluster and selling VPSes.

I’ve sold hosting before, so kinda get the idea, and as far as this, have the idea of something where a customer can order/set ram/cpu/hdd etc. or pick from a tier list, enter hostname, password etc. and have something automatically deployed, get an IP on their payment and all.

As far as the website part, I know you can write scripts to work with WHMCS and there’s extensions and all, but what on the server(s) would I use to achieve something like this? I’ve done some research and found some things like [OpenVZ](https://openvz.org/) but my virtualization/automation knowledge isn’t exactly stunning, so I would like some insight from others.

Could be a fun way to make a bit of money off of some spare servers, and learn some more stuff.


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